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About Jay Henry

Fractional CMO, GM, Product Manager, Sales Director

OFFICE HOURS: M/T/W 6am-5pm Th/F 8am-4pm
All times Pacific Time Zone GMT-8


University of Idaho

Moscow, ID - B.A. Philosophy

My studies were intended as preparation for law school with emphasis on history of legal theory, ethics, and logic.

To satisfy the broad requirements of my degree I also completed four semesters of accounting, computer science, chemistry and advanced life sciences in biology/etymology. 

I got talked out of pursuing a law degree by lawyers and completed the year-long "Business Law Program for Professionals" at Lewis-Clark State College to meet my need for a deeper understanding of contracts.

Pragmatic Marketing

Technical Product Management

"Outside - In" perspective focused on distinct stages of development to prioritizing tasks from inception to launch.

I have used this framework to effectively organize distinct development activities and as a tool to simplify and communicate with stakeholders and contributors.


Harvard Law Executive Ed

Program on Negotiation

Effective, ethical, and best practices when negotiating within a corporate setting with emphasis on legal, ethical, and mutual benefit outcome framework.

Lewis Clark State College

Business Law

Completed two semester program focused specifically on business law. Concentrated on contracts, tort law, licensing agreements, and dispute resolution through mediation and negotiation.


Generative AI for Project Managers

As I progress towards attaining my PMP certification, I found this short course to be among the most interesting with respect to how the tools and methodologies we use to create excellent products and become more efficient. 

generative-ai-overview-for-project-managers (3).png
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