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About Jay Henry

Fractional CMO, GM, Product Manager, Sales Director

OFFICE HOURS: M/T/W 6am-5pm Th/F 8am-4pm
All times Pacific Time Zone GMT-8

Aren't we all "life-long learners" at heart?


My interests are broad and yet, compliment one another. It's common for me to find inspiration, or solve a nagging business problem, while working on the family farm. 

I can't imagine being anything but curious

about the world we live in.

Change is exciting.

Get used to it!


Physics, philosophy, forests, photography, math, building, writing, libraries, data science, electronics, exploring, stuff in the ocean. Quiet time with my family in the Blue Mountains.

Skills not on my resume:​
  • Electronics build/repair

  • Drone pilot

  • Video Editing

  • Backhoe operation

  • Residential construction

  • Writing

  • Chainsaw everything

  • Mountaineering

  • Sewing​​

Things I'm good at:

Tying knots, simplifying complex concepts, teaching, selling, fishing, fixing anything with hot glue.

Cool Stuff I've done:

  • Built a cabin in the woods- mostly by myself; Thoreau style...but mine's better. My boys are only now old enough to realize that I not only built the cabin (and their treehouse) but all the roads (learned to drive a D8 in the process), brought in power, and developed the water/waste system.

  • Built a fixed-wing drone that auto-navigates the fence line at my parent's ranch and transmits real-time video (I've built a lot of drones of all types).

  • Accumulated > 800K frequent flier miles; I'm happy to stay on the ground these days, but I know my way around. I prefer to work remotely. A few trips a year is fine, but I've seen the world and, at least for now, I am done being a road-warrior.

  • Climbed Mount Hood a few times, trekked from Montana to Idaho overnight in the winter, biked the Oregon Coast, and have run the Salmon and Snake Rivers on week-long trips.


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