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About Jay Henry

Fractional CMO, GM, Sales Director

OFFICE HOURS: M/T/W 6am-5pm Th/F 8am-4pm
All times Pacific Time Zone (Western United States)

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Jay G. Henry

I am a commercially minded, well rounded, business professional living in Portland Oregon.


My skill set ranges from the technical to the creative, strategic planning, management, through marketing and sales. All constrained and organized by attention to detail, formal education, and process.

I've served as an executive, helped build new products and departments, published books, built homes, and climbed mountains. Three children are my purpose and meaning. 

I've made a living building products, selling, negotiating, and using technology to do it. The skills I've  acquired have always been complimented by my ability to write and translate complexity across audiences.

Creating and applying 'new' solutions has been the norm for us all... now, we are approaching an exciting time--a period when technology is maturing, and a promise is being fulfilled: The tools of innovation are becoming ever more powerful and easy to use.

Increasingly, we are able to focus on solving problems, building things, and increasing efficiency rather than developing or learning how to use the tools themselves. The machines are getting out of the way, and in doing so, will further enable humans to flourish.

My business career spans three decades and has always been where my interest in technology and relationships with people come together. I've worked remotely for 15 years and am accustomed to spanning all time zones. 

Although I have focused on building software within the scholarly communications market (publishing) for nearly 20 years, I have a wide range of experience:

  • Software product development

  • Library/Consortia Sales and Marketing

  • Project management

  • Business development / Sales

  • Marketing/ design/ Social

  • P&L Management

  • Corporate Officer; strategic planning

  • Customer negotiations

  • Building effective teams

  • Risk management/ insurance

  • Construction, estimating, proposals, etc.

I've even created logos still in use today and once brought competitors together to build one of the first aggregated eBook sites for academic libraries.


I have been lucky to watch the tech world emerge and mature, to watch trends and build services to meet the changing needs of content creators, consumers, and intermediaries...and build a great network of interesting, smart, and talented professionals along the way.

Understanding emerging technology, adapting to change, and fostering the innovation it inspires, has been a continuous theme of my career.

Using the tools of marketing, strategic planning, technical evaluation and implementation, project management, other best business practices to push continuous improvement have been at the center of 'what I do' for a very long time.  

I have served as a successful product manager for flagship products at two companies in the scholarly communications/ education industry. I have built and led teams and managed 3rd party resources to build tools customers use and appreciate. I find such work particularly rewarding due to the inherent complexity and wide-range of skills needed.

In recent years, I have been working independently to fill a number of client needs. From product development to strategic planning through to brand positioning and direct sales.


I love the independence, but if you're hiring, I would be interested in focusing on a single mission as I find myself in a position where I can leverage my experience and prioritize my career.

Some would call me a technologist or "marketing guy" others an innovator, while close friends know me as a carpenter and creative.

I believe you'll find I am capable, personable, and always deliver good value for money.






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