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Product Development

Innovation is the key to staying ahead of your competition and thrilling your clients... but product development isn't just about what's new. Continuous improvement and balancing resources are just as important. Whether it's time to update your market research, build out roadmaps, or refocus your teams. Pacific Metacom has you covered.

Communications & Sales

From brand development and positioning, to approaching the market and managing the process, there is nothing more important than communicating value to achieve growth. Pacific Metacom is a powerhouse in every aspect of building, implementing, and driving effective marketing and sales programs to help your products shine.

Project Management

The goal of any project manager is deliver value on time and within budget. Meeting this goal is a function of managing details, resources, and communication. Disciplined processes are the key to taming chaos. Pacific Metacom can help wrangle the details, increase accountability, and be a clear voice for your staff and stakeholders.

Change Management

The only constant is change. As your business innovates, adapts, and evolves your staff and clients should be treated as your most important audience. When change is logical and explained clearly it can build trust, support, and create positive momentum. Look no further than Pacific Metacom to help plan, manage, and  communicate your vision of the future.

Business Analysis

Enhance insights or improve processes with a deep dive into the numbers. Pacific Metacom blends creativity, discipline, and hands-on expertise to unlock and simplify complex data and processes to drive growth. Get a fresh perspective to improve your tactics and inform your strategies for success.


From powerful tools that enable self-publishing and new formats, to discovery and distribution, technology has transformed publishing. Pacific Metacom has been there since the beginning. Scholarly journals, popular books, even children's books... we can guide and simplify how to tell the world your story.

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